Web Standards

This website conforms to recognised standards, to enhance your browsing experience. Conformance provides the following benefits:

  • Site usable by the maximum audience, including people with visual impairment, people with disaibilities etc.
  • Site usable via as broad a scope of technology as possible, including different web browsers, PDAs, mobile phones etc.
  • Complies with DDA legislation that legally binds companies to have websites that are accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Better indexing by search engines like Google, helping to enhance the site's ranking.
  • Faster browsing.
  • Expandable, and built in anticipation for the progress of technology and legislation.

What standards does the Purpledev website comply with? The following is a list, with links to the appropriate validation facilities where available.

There are several official resources available that detail specifications and guidelines for these web standards. These will only be of interest to web professionals and technical individuals: